Can I use Cosign to sign things besides OCI container images?

Yes! See Working with Blobs. But Cosign does have great support for OCI registries.

Why not use Notary v2

It's hard to answer this briefly. This post contains some comparisons:

Notary V2 and Cosign

If you find other comparison posts, please send a PR here and we'll link them all.

Why not use containers/image signing

containers/image signing is close to cosign, and we reuse payload formats. cosign differs in that it signs with ECDSA-P256 keys instead of PGP, and stores signatures in the registry.

Why not use $FOO?

See Requirements. We designed cosign to meet a few specific requirements, and didn't find anything else that met all of these. If you're aware of another system that does meet these, please let us know!

Design Requirements

  • No external services for signature storage, querying, or retrieval
  • We aim for as much registry support as possible
  • Everything should work over the registry API
  • PGP should not be required at all.
  • Users must be able to find all signatures for an image
  • Signers can sign an image after push
  • Multiple entities can sign an image
  • Signing an image does not mutate the image
  • Pure-go implementation
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