Fulcio is a free code signing Certificate Authority, built to make short-lived certificates available to anyone. Based on an Open ID Connect email address, Fulcio signs x509 certificates valid for under 20 minutes.

Fulcio was designed to run as a centralized, public-good instance backed up by other transparency logs. Development is now underway to support different delegation models, and to deploy and run Fulcio as a disconnected instance.

Fulcio is a work in progress! There’s working code, a running instance and a roadmap, but it’s not yet reliable or robust enough for public consumption.

Fulcio is being developed as part of the sigstore project. Join us on our Slack channel (need an invite?)

Usage and installation

Whoops! This doesn't exist yet. If you’d like to check its progress or to contribute, just follow the link.


Coming soon

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